SportsMan Log

SPORTSMANLOG Web Portal - Online 24/7 Access to your trip data

Web Portal Features

The Sportsman Log Web Portal utilizes the information collected in the field by your hand held mobile device to create the ultimate personal database. Once you have synced the portal with your collected data, you will be able to enjoy a long list of benefits.

  • Sort and view all trips you have logged into your hand held mobile device
  • View all waypoints through aerial views provided in Google Maps
  • Create custom reports for previous results and personal preferences
  • Back up of all data for long term storage
  • Share trips with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or MMS
  • Develop hunting or fishing clubs through shared information
  • Receive news feeds related to hunting, fishing and camping
  • Receive turn-key photo prints captured in the field
  • Simple request for taxidermy and replica quotes
  • Discounts and coupons from sporting good stores and manufactures
  • Links to outdoor resources for equipment directories, suggested outfitters, hunting & equipment tips, weather updates and more
  • “Follow me” safety feature allows for notification to be sent via email to whomever you wish to know your current GPS coordinates if you have not acknowledged that a pre-determined trip end time has elapsed
  • Coming Soon

  • Plan your trip based on foretasted conditions and previous results that you logged
  • Transfer collected waypoints to the most popular GPS units for revisiting locations